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TalentWizards offers advice and products to implement positive talent management change. Download all the tools, checklists, handouts, guides, job aids, surveys, forms, presentation materials, videos, webinars, case studies articles, research and executive summaries you need.


Save Time & Money

Create new or update existing talent management programs in less time and at a fraction of the cost of other options. TalentWizards saves you the time of researching how to implement programs and provides tools to educate management and teams on new practices and strategies.


Quality Content from Experts

TalentWizards is lead by Dr. B. Lynn Ware, an Industrial Organizational Psychologist and thought leader in talent management. She has been featured on CNN and quoted in leading publications on proven methods to optimize human capital. TalentWizards solutions are backed by research and proven across multiple industries.


Ask Your Questions of the Experts

As a member, you can submit any talent management or implementation question to Dr. B. Lynn Ware and other TalentWizards experts. Have a question regarding best talent practices? Simply submit your question and our experts will take the time to craft a personalized answer.


Train Managers & Employees with Ease

Share TalentWizards handouts, job aids, and other materials with managers and employees at your organization freely to instruct them on how to have better employee conversations, how to identify attrition risks before the occur, plan career development actions, and more!


Increase Your Talent Management Budget

Need to convince executives of the validity and upside to talent management programs? TalentWizards provides you with the formulas, presentation materials, and business acumen needed to show them the ROI (return on investment) and convince management to take the next step.


Help Teams Succeed

Use our talent management strategies, handouts, job aids, and tools to suggest how teams can work together more efficiently. TalentWizards provides you with the assets needed to show any team how to implement talent management that will increase employee engagement and commitment.


Further Your Professional Development

Become a Talent Wizard! By joining TalentWizards you'll become the go-to talent management expert in your organization, impress management with your knowledge, as well as easy-to- implement & impactful programs, and further your own career!

Client Testimonials

"TalentWizards is a great tool for HR experts. I love that it stretches across the entire employee lifecycle and how there's guidance on how to invest in TM to further team/company goals and the bottom line."

Géraldine Woloch-Addamine
HR Consultant

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